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•  Services for reservoir characterization
•  Wellsite geology, analysis of welldata and cores
•  Assessment of oil and gas accumulations (mapping, volumetrics,
   risking, economics
•  Geoscientific maps, field studies, and sampling
•  Services for public relations and public collections
•  Geoscientific library services
•  Review of archives and thin section pools
•  Courses, workshops, and excursions (see Links)
•  Petrographic analyses of
    •  Sedimentary rocks •  Magmatic rocks •  Metamorphic rocks
•  Digital photomicrographs
•  Textur analysis of rocks
•  Grain size analysis in thin sections with statistics
•  Precision measurement of particles and pore voids
•  Pore type classification
•  Diagenesis of sandstone, carbonate, tight gas, and HPHT
•  Classification of fossils in thin section